Neutral Anolyte (Eco-Lyte (NTL) Anolyte) is a colourless transparent biocidal liquid with a neutral PH. It’s active ingredients consists predominantly of Hypochlorous acid (HClO) and Hypochlorite ion (OCl-) which give it superior sporicidal and biocidal activity. It replace toxic chemicals and sanitises ecologically.


Non-toxic, Eco friendly. Safe to use. Easy hygiene compliance! 


- Soak, brush, spray or fog work areas.

- Kills germs, Kills infection, Kills odours.

- Treat your water, wash your foods.

- Cold sterilise tools & equipment.

- Sanitise bathroom, kitchen, laundry.

- Disinfect work surfaces & appliances.

- Sanitise food and beverage equipment.

- Ideal for tanks, troughs, & dairy use.

- Treat your effluent before disposal.

- Approved for potable water treatment.

Non-toxic and non-hazardous, Neutral Anolyte is used wherever pH is important (corrosion) and where residues of harsh chemicals are undesired. Neutral Anolyte is very effective against bacteria and viruses and can be used to disinfect swimming pools, potable water or other water sources.

Neutral Anolyte is also widely used to disinfect / sterilise objects (floors, walls, bench and sinks, equipment, tools, foodstuffs, hands etc.)

25L EKOKLEEN Commercial


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